Harmony in nature is the prerequisite for truly authentic wine


Our Philosophy

Oecology deals with the relation of living organisms to their environment and to each other. At Frogpond Farm we do not use insecticides, herbicides, synthetic fungicides or chemical fertilizers. All our wines are organically grown, and are certified by Pro-Cert Organic. The light and the warmth of the sun manifest itself in the sweetness of the grapes allowing our wines to develop spirit, flavour and colour. All grapes are hand-picked and crafted into lively genuine wines using only gentle traditional winemaking techniques. Rainwater caught in our pond provides a habitat for a great number of species that add to the biodiversity of our family farm. Harmony in nature provides a balanced environment for a healthy vineyard to flourish, the prerequisite for a great authentic wine.  

Bullfrog Powered since 2006

Frogpond Farm is bullfrogpowered with 100 per cent green electricity. Bullfrog Power, a leading Canadian provider of clean, renewable power, gives homes and businesses in Ontario an easy way to go green and help create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. All of Bullfrog’s power comes from clean, renewable wind power and low-impact water power that displaces polluting and carbon-intensive power sources like coal. Visit www.bullfrogpower.com for more information. Ready to make the switch? Enter the promotional code FROGPOND to receive $25 off your first Bullfrog Power residential bill courtesy of Frogpond Farm.

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